Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anytime/Web - BETA

"Lexvid helps you fulfill your continuing legal education obligations whenever, wherever, and without paying a dime.
Getting CLE credit with Lexvid is simple. Just create an account, choose the seminar you need from our expansive library of accredited content, and view it! Once completed, Lexvid will issue you a Certificate of Completion and make any necessary reporting to your state's bar association. Lexvid will also help you manage your CLE obligations and keep you informed as to the most up-to-date content pertaining to your practice. 
Lexvid is currently in the beta stage. We are seeking suggestions, testimonials, and input of all kinds."

My Comments:
I tried a couple of their videos and they were pretty interesting. When you go to the menu of course selections, hovering over each item tells you how many credits it's authorized for in your jurisdiction. One very nice feature is that if you stop watching, it bookmarks your progress so you can restart where you left off!

Give it a try at

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  1. I watched a video and never got credit. I have sent three emails to the customer service reps and haven't heard anything. Programs were good but use at your own risk - the only thing the Bar cares about is whether you can prove you did the class.