Tuesday, May 2, 2017

June 27: Web - Maximizing the Impact of Direct Examination

When you\'re in front of a judge and jury after months of immersion in your case, there\'s little you don\'t already know about your case and your witness -- to the point that direct examination may feel like just a formality to get out of the way. But to these fact finders, direct is the moment they finally get to meet your witness and your chance to shape those crucial first impressions.
In this hour long webcast, trial and evidence expert Mike Fontham will help you refine how you conduct direct so that the essentials of your case come across in a powerful, memorable fashion and your witness seems credible and reliable. From Mike's presentation, you will learn how to maximize the impact of your direct by selecting and emphasizing the essentials of your client\'s case, phrasing your questions to elicit the answers you want (while avoiding form objections), using exhibits to enhance your witness\'s testimony, and developing important points so fact finders will understand and remember them during deliberation.
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Maximizing the Impact of Direct Examination
June 27, 2017
11AM Mountain time
Webcast runs live for one hour.
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  • Mike Fontham
  • Hon. Nancy Vaidik
  • Rebecca Dias-Bonilla

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