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Anytime/Web - Expanding Your Practice Using Limited Scope Representation

This program will provide an introduction to the rapidly changing practice of limited scope representation (often called "unbundling") in a family law context, including all of the fee agreements, forms and other materials you will need to practice limited scope representation competently, safely and profitably. 
Expanding Your Practice Using Limited Scope Representation 
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Apr. 1, 2009
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Chairperson(s) M. Sue Talia ~ Private Family Law Judge, Private Family Law Judge
Speaker(s) R. Paul Bonnar ~ Attorney at Law
Part I: Introduction to Limited Scope Representation* [01:08:56] M. Sue Talia
Part II: Safety Nets: Tools for Sleeping Well at Night* [00:58:53] M. Sue Talia
Part III: How It Works in the Real World* [01:01:22] R. Paul Bonnar, M. Sue Talia
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