Saturday, August 27, 2016

September 13: Webcast - California’s Proposition 47 Two Years On: Find Out What to Do Now

In November 2014, California’s Proposition 47 reduced many theft and forgery crimes worth $950 or less, and most simple drug possession crimes, for people without sex offenses or strike priors, down from felonies, or possible felonies, to straight misdemeanors. It also gave people with prior convictions three years to petition to have those reduced. For the most part, this is working well, but many recurring issues are still unresolved.
Join Garrick Byers as he addresses the following issues, including:
  • Is paying for a meal at a restaurant using a stolen credit card felony burglary, or misdemeanor shoplifting? Does the client still have a prison prior if the underlying felony is now reduced?
  • The Courts of Appeal keep filing cases, but the California Supreme Court keeps granting review. Have the amended Publication rules, letting us cite published cases that are on review, clarified things, or made the law more murky then ever? 
  • Hundreds of thousands of Californians are eligible for relief. A felony record makes housing and jobs hard to get. Can we reach them all in one year? And what about new clients who walk in your door with prior or present Prop. 47 offenses? 
  • Prop. 47 was supposed to generate millions of dollars to be used for education, drug treatment and to combat recidivism. What is happening to that?
California’s Proposition 47 Two Years On: Find Out What to Do Now
September 13, 2016
1:00 PM Eastern
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Also Presented In-Person In San Francisco, CA
3 or more credits in most jurisdictions
  • Garrick Byers ~
  • Program Attorney: Amy Taub ~ Practising Law Institute
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