Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August: On-Demand Webcast (WA) - The Art of Trial Persuasion #MCLE

Members of the Washington State Bar Association can see this recorded CLE "The Art of Trial Persuasion" for free during the month of August 2014.
Long before the Gutenberg Bible, the daily newspaper, radio, television, and the Internet, storytellers educated the people. Recent research has established that if evidence is presented in a disconnected and confusing fashion jurors will compose and create their own story to make sense of what they have heard, thus confirming what good trial lawyers instinctively know to do: tell a story.
The trial lawyer of today has many tools available to assist in his/her story and no lawyer should omit informative and cost-effective demonstrative evidence from the trial. However, a trial begins and ends with the spoken word. Talking to jurors, developing a personal relationship with them, and telling them the story remains, and will always remain, the foundation of a successful trial.
The persuasive trial attorney is a both a skilled wordsmith and an artistic storyteller. Mark Johnson and Stephanie Bloomfield will share their practical and successful secrets to winning your case.
The Art of Trial Persuasion
  • Mark Johnson — Johnson & Flora PLLC, Seattle
  • Stephanie Bloomfield — Gordon Thomas Honeywell, Tacoma.
Washington State Bar Association
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