Monday, June 30, 2014

August 1: Webcast - Drama & Storytelling in the Opening: Winning the Intergenerational Jury Trial

Today’s jurors see what they believe. They vote for their beliefs, not the evidence. They want everything in text form, right away.
Persuading today’s Intergenerational juries of Boomers, Gen Xs, Gen Ys and soon, Gen I’s demands that a trial lawyer deliver a trial in cinematic story form that involves their minds and hearts and confirms their beliefs.
Winning is all about meeting expectations. Jurors expect the openings to be exciting and cinematic, to reveal the motives of the parties and to convince them that the case confirms their own beliefs, affirms their own attitudes and values. Creating such a cinematic opening is an art.
In this program, two of America’s most powerful advocates and NITA superstar teachers of advocacy and persuasion, and also co-authors of 'Opening Statements: Winning in the Beginning by Winning the Beginning' share the art and the science behind creating and delivering powerful, winning openings.
Drama & Storytelling in the Opening: Winning the Intergenerational Jury Trial
August 1, 2014
Noon Mountain time. Webcast runs live for one hour.
Webcast - Preregistration Required!
  • Dominic Gianna
  • Lisa Marcy
National Institute for Trial Advocacy
The sponsor states:
"Our online content is not accredited for CLE and we cannot provide a Certificate of Completion. You can apply for self-study credit by contacting your state bar organization directly. To help you with your self-study application, NITA has provided faculty biography information (via the link at the right) as well as a PDF of the PowerPoint slides, which is attached to the presentation. You can access this PDF by clicking on the link button once the presentation has begun to play. If you require verification of your attendance, please contact"
National Institute for Trial Advocacy

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