Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4freeCLE Goes Grey Over SOPA/PIPA

Part of the internet is "going black" today, to remind us of the dangers of the current form of 
SOPA and PIPA, two proposals in Congress to screw-up the web in the name of protecting intellectual property rights.
Many critics of these bills are people and organizations who know and understand the internet's potential for increasing human knowledge and freedom.
4freeCLE does not do politics, but it relies on a free and open Internet. There are already ways to protect intellectual property rights, and you can learn about them via resources linked to thought Intellectual Property tag, but only if someone hasn't shut down our site because a third party comments on a blog entry with a link to what might be someone's IP.
Thus, this particular issue is of interest to 4freeCLE, and should be of interest to you.
For more information ... the following links may be illegal under SOPA/PIPA since they may link to material that is under copyright. How would I know? How would I be able to give you this site if I had to run due diligence on the current content of a site I linked to in the past?

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