Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 26-27: NYC - Symposium on Government Access to Data in the Cloud

This Symposium, hosted by the Information Law Institute and the Center on Law and Security, will present cutting-edge research on domestic, international and transnational legal approaches to regulating government access to data stored in the cloud. The symposium will bring legal scholars together with participants who bring law enforcement, industry, privacy advocacy and human rights perspectives to bear on the important and often contentious debate about this rapidly evolving issue.
Symposium on Government Access to Data in the Cloud
May 26-27, 2015
Lipton Hall, D'Agostino Hall
108 West Third Street
Note: this is  New York University School of Law not New York Law School.
Advanced registration required. In person attendance, only.
May 26, 2015
    • Panel 1: Searches vs. Subpoenas in the Digital Context 
      • Bryan Choi, New York Law School
      • David Gray, University of Maryland, Francis King Carey School of Law
      • Christopher Slobogin, Vanderbilt Law School
      • Katherine Strandburg, NYU School of Law
    • Panel 2: Data? Metadata? Third Party Data? 
      • Laura Donohue, Georgetown Law
      • Kiel Brennan-Marquez, Information Society Project, Yale Law School
      • Susan Freiwald, University of San Francisco, School of Law
      • Stephen Henderson, University of Oklahamo, College of Law
      • Olivier Sylvain, Fordham Law School
    • Panel 3: On the Ground Perspectives on the Application of U.S. Surveillance Law to Data in the Cloud
      • Alan Butler, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
      • Nathan Judish, Department of Justice
      • Patrick Toomey, America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
      • Andrew Schaffer, NYU School of Law
      • Faiza Patel, Brennan Center for Justice
      • Andrew Weissmann, Department of Justice
    • Panel 4: Human Rights Issues in Transnational Data Access
      • Ryan Goodman, NYU School of Law
      • Sarah Labowitz, NYU Stern School of Business
      • Michael Posner, NYU Stern School of Business
    May 27, 2015
    • Panel 1: Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Law to the Cloud
      • Jennifer Daskal, American University Washington College of Law
      • Peter Swire, Georgia Tech, Scheller College of Business
      • Andrew Woods, University of Kentucky, College of Law
      • Michael Farbiarz, NYU School of Law
    • Panel 2: Transnational and Foreign Law Perspectives on Cloud Access
      • Joris Van Hoboken, NYU School of Law
      • Ahmed Ghappour, UC Hastings College of Law
      • Ira Rubinstein, NYU School of Law
      • Samuel Rascoff, NYU School of Law
    • Panel 3: Perspectives on Transnational Data Access - Government, Civil Society, and Corporate Views
      • Nate Jones, Microsoft
      • James Garland, Covington & Burling
      • Michael Price, Brennan Center for Justice
      • Kate Westmoreland, Center for Internet and Society, Standford Law School
      • Judith Germano, Center on Law and Security, NYU School of Law
    • The Center on Law and Security and the Information Law Institute at 
    • NYU School of Law 
    • Support provided by Microsoft.
    The specific number of (NY) CLE hours not stated. (From past experience, NYUSL should give credit for single day or number of session attended.)
    Attendance is free, but space is limited. To attend, please RSVP here
    Twitter Updates: https://twitter.com/NYU_CLS
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