Thursday, August 1, 2019

August 21+28: Guiding Clients Through the Process of Starting a Craft Brewery

The recent explosion in the Craft Beer Industry is driven by home grown entrepreneurs generating local community interest along with economic development.
This market boom has resulted in the formation of niche practice groups within law firms to guide craft brewery starts ups. Advice navigating the statutory, regulatory and intellectual property frameworks unique to this industry is important to the success and stability of craft breweries.
After completing this free Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course, you will gain:
  • A basic understanding of the growth of the craft beer market and the general traits of a craft brewery
  • An understanding of the traditional regulatory scheme that governs the alcohol industry and new statutory and regulatory approaches that are being proposed to accommodate the positive impact of the growing craft beer market
  • Insight into the unique intellectual property issues stemming from the entrepreneurship and camaraderie that characterize this industry and suggested approaches on how best to enforce the intellectual property rights
Something's Brewing! Guiding Clients Through the Process of Starting a Craft Brewery
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Neil Waechter
1 credit hour in most states that allow online credits.
Editor's Note: I have taken this course and learned from it --- REWinn

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