Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 4/Web: Be Decisive: Managing Enterprise Content for Attorneys #MCLE

The power to find information is an absolute requirement in a world where not only 89 million business emails are sent every day but, previously created content has locked up valuable expertise. Law firms with nationwide offices must be in control of their work product and make decisions based on vast amounts of information created and stored in disconnected information environments.
This creates the problem of 'findability' for end users who will be wishing for a simple user search interface that helps quickly and easily find the information they need regardless of its location. In many ways enterprise search should be the backbone of a proper information technology deployment, by not only solving the 'findability' of content but as well by using search to build rich information applications.
In “Be Decisive,” you will learn:
  • Best Practices for Enterprise Search
  • How to improve 'findability'
  • Impact of SharePoint 2013 and your search deployment
  • Strategies for Deploying Enterprise Search in Your Firm
  • Examples on how to reduce cost and increase effectiveness.
Be Decisive: Managing Enterprise Content for Attorneys
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
1:00 PM Eastern
  • Joshua Gilliland, Esq., is a California attorney and nationally recognized thought leader on electronic discovery with his blog “Bow Tie Law.” Josh has conducted over 350 Continuing Legal Education seminars on e-discovery all across North America. Mr. Gilliland has a passion for the impact of technology on the practice of law. Mr. Gilliland is a columnist for LitigationWorld, has guest lectured at his alma mater, McGeorge School of Law, has been published in The American Lawyer magazine, and is active in the Santa Clara County Bar Association. Mr. Gilliland also ties a mean bow tie.
  • Martin Tuip has more than 15 years of IT experience in messaging and is a widely known and well-regarded technical expert on archiving and records management. In his career he has helped many customers around the globe plan and deploy large-scale messaging and archiving environments. He is also a published author and ten-time Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server. Mr. Tuip studied and graduated in Electronics with a focus on Environmental Technology in his native Netherlands.
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