Sunday, March 12, 2017

April 5: NYC - 2017 New York Spring Labor and Employment Seminar #MCLE

Employers are continuously faced with new and challenging issues. One significant area of current interest is how employers should deal with mental health issues that arise in the workplace. From employees who need accommodation for a variety of mental health challenges, to employees requesting leaves of absence, and to employees suspected of abusing drugs and alcohol at work, the issues are difficult and often fraught with legal peril. The EEOC recently issued an employee-friendly resource document highlighting its focus on this topic, explaining when mental health issues will be disabling and how far employers need go to accommodate these issues. Employers need to understand the breadth of their obligations when dealing with mental health issues, how to recognize and respond to substance abuse issues at work, and how to handle a variety of problems tied to mental health in general. Join us for an informative program that will:
  • Review the EEOC’s recent guidance document about mental health issues
  • Examine when mental health issues are disabilities
  • Help employers understand when they must accommodate mental health issues and the types of accommodations frequently used
  • Assist employers in dealing with substance abuse issues
  • Receive practical guidance regarding how to handle mental health challenges, including those involving workplace misconduct.
2017 New York Spring Labor and Employment Seminar
April 5, 2017
12:00 PM - 2:30 PM
New York, NY.
Applications for CLE credit in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are currently pending. If you are seeking CLE credit in a jurisdiction other than NJ, NY or PA, please email Kacie Friedrichs.
Presented by Dechert's Labor and Employment Practice
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