Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 24: Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer: Handing Trust Accounts and Law Firm Finances

Violating trust account rules can subject a lawyer to disbarment, civil damages and even criminal charges. Protect yourself against a potential trust account violation by increasing your understanding of trust account compliance, the ethical implications of your conduct. This course will cover the five biggest trust account misunderstandings, and your duty to preserve and safeguard client funds and property. We’ll go over what are qualified and non-qualified funds, what does and doesn’t belong in a trust account, and the difference between commingling and safekeeping. We will discuss actual fact situations (and reported cases) where disputes have arisen, and strategies to resolve those conflicting claims. This free continuing legal education course will also discuss the best practices for maintaining financial control of your legal practice.
Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer: Handing Trust Accounts and Law Firm Finances
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
3:00p to 04:00p CDT
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Claude E. Ducloux is an Attorney licensed in Texas, Colorado and California who speaks regularly on Legal Ethics, Law Office Management, and Trial-Related topics. In 2011, he won the highest statewide award from the State Bar of Texas for lifetime contribution to CLE, and has been invited to speak in more than 250 programs in since Jan 1, 2009, and serving as course director of numerous institutes and advanced courses. Mr. Ducloux has a long legacy of bar service, including being President of the Austin Bar Association, and serving as Chair of almost every major Bar-related entity, as well as the Texas Bar Foundation.
1 credit in most jurisdictions that allow on-line CLE. Details.
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