Wednesday, December 26, 2012

January 22/Web: Student Safety Door to Door

For more than 20 million youngsters, each day begins and ends with a trip on a bus. In addition, 10 percent of all K to 8th graders walk or bicycle to school. Other students are driven to and from school. The greatest risks to student occur not only while riding the bus, but also while walking to and from school and walking to and from the school bus or auto drop off. The purpose of this program is to provide an overview of student safety while being transported from home to and from school.
During the webinar, the presenter will discuss creating a safe student travel environment. The key topics to be covered include:
  1. Traveling to school
  2. Safe walking to school
  3. Designing loading and unloading areas
  4. Route selection
  5. Safe pickup and dropoff locations
  6. Bus stop and off-site safety
  7. School bus safety
  8. Bus occupant safety
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Student Safety Door to Door
January 22, 2012
14:00 Eastern
Carl Berkowitz, PhD, PE, AICP, has 50 years of transportation and traffic engineering experience, served as a litigation consultant, and held various positions in industry, government, and higher education, with extensive experience in planning, design, safety, security, construction, maintenance, operations, and management. He holds a BCE in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Industrial Management from The City College of New York, and an MS in Transportation Planning and a PhD in Transportation Planning and Engineering from Polytechnic University (NYU-Poly). In addition to his work involving pedestrians, and virtually every form of transportation and its safety (including aviation and maritime), Dr. Berkowitz has written numerous reports and articles for major publications, chaired task forces, appeared on national television, newspapers and radio, and made numerous scholarly presentations worldwide. He holds memberships in many transportation engineering and standards professional associations.
Dr. Berkowitz's areas of expertise include pedestrian and passenger accidents; passenger terminal and station accidents; school bus and transit bus accidents; subway and passenger rail accidents; passengers on track accidents; bicycle and motorcycle accidents; passenger collisions; and slip, trip and fall accidents.
The sponsor does not seem to have applied for credit for this event, but similar events by this sponsor have been granted credit in some jurisdictions upon application by attendees.
The TASA Group, Inc.
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