Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 19: The Evolving Provenance of Obviousness-type Double Patenting

Obviousness-type double patenting ("ODP") is a judicially created doctrine that seeks to prevent patent owners from extending patent protection beyond the statutorily afforded term. This webinar will explore the evolving provenance of obviousness-type double patenting in addressing the following topics:
  • Traditional confines of the doctrine
  • Federal Circuit expansion in Sun Pharma and Gilead
  • Retrenchment in Breckenridge Pharma and Ezra Ventures
  • Future prospects.
The Evolving Provenance of Obviousness-type Double Patenting
Live MBHB Webinar
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 8:00 am  Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) 
1 hour 15 minutes
MBHB partner(s) Kevin Noonan, Ph.D. and Sarah Fendrick, Ph.D.
While there is no fee to participate, all attendees must register in advance and, in order to receive MCLE credit, must participate online and individually. Register online here
MCLE credit is pending for the states of California, Illinois, New Jersey,* New York,* North Carolina and Virginia (*via reciprocity). For other states, check your credit-granting authority.
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